About Fiezta Entertaiment

Fiesta Entertainment Group is a United States registered company with head office located in Landover, Maryland in United State of America. We also have offices in the UK, Canada and Nigerian subsidiary, the International Fiesta Enterprises. Fiesta is an entertainment and marketing company that is involved in staging global entertainment events, production, sales and distribution of other entertainment media.


The activities of the company include music video, short movie clips, concerts promotion, recordings and reproductions of audio and video media. Fiesta also provides global network opportunity in all fields of endeavor. Fiesta generally hosts and promotes global events such as concerts, picnics, year-end parties, fashion shows and beauty pageant, during which music like traditional music, afro-beat, hip-hop, R & B, calypso, reggae, soca, and jazz are provided. From marketing standpoint, fiesta showcases, promotes and market various upcoming talents in the music, motion pictures and modeling industry.

Fiesta Entertainment has assisted foreign companies to provide entertainment, entertainment products and services for their respective communities. Fiesta has assisted various companies in planning various business networks and creating national jingles to create awareness of product and services for the Business industry all over the world.


Our mission is to become a global leader in entertainment, marketing of various talents and providing entertainment products and services for organizations around the globe. Our audience range from 18 to 60 years. We have produced events ranging from jazz concerts, school reunions, picnics, and international concert involving international artists from different countries, to fashion shows, art exhibitions and soccer exhibitions in United States.

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