US Residents

Do you reside in the US? We have services that are tailored to your needs to ensure that you live a stress free live!  Whether you are expecting international or out of state visitors, planning reunions, vacations, religious events, business conference, and much more.

Fiezta Concierge on Wheels provides safe and reliable transportation services 24/7 in these area (VA, NC, SC, ATL, NJ, MD, NY, PA, and VA). Why are you inconveniencing yourself or paying expensive fare for cabs and car rental? Why not allow Fiezta on Wheels to pamper you? We can make your vacation, reunions, very relaxing and exciting by making sure that transportation is not a problem. Book a sightseeing tour with us today and enjoy the privilege of having your own personal driver!

 We provide fast pick-up service from one location to the other in a timely manner. You only pay for the time you book with us; we are available to be booked hourly, weekly and monthly, saving you tons of money.

FIEZTA offers special vacation packages to soothe your budget. You no longer have to spend thousands of dollars on flight tickets alone.  Save some money by booking your next personal or family vacation with us.

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