Tourists & New Immigrants

Are you planning to come to the US for business, pleasure, or simply to stay? If yes, Fiezta Concierge on Wheels is available to you 24/7 to arrange a customized service just for you! We provide comprehensive travel arrangements, airport pick up & drop offs services, hotel services, on-call personal driver, creative & luxury weekend getaways, VIP special event packages, corporate retreats, personal assistant, and relocation services. Don’t be burdens to your hosts; let us take you out for a memorable adventure!

FIEZTA concierge on Wheels has made staying in contact with your loved ones easy, courtesy of VOMOZ communication. International calling card will be readily available to you right at the airport! Have you heard about our catering services? It is called “ask and you shall receive” We’ve built relationships with renowned cuisines to provide you with varieties of African, Caribbean, Mexican and several more mouthwatering delicacies!

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