FIESTA ENTERTAINMENT SECTION was created by popular demand to provide high quality professional full fledge music entertainment and fun occasion atmosphere at a competitive price for variety of people around the globe. While recognizing the fact that our client is the true star at their special occasion, we simply complete client satisfaction and make the event a fiesta event in order word make it a memorable event.

Please contact us for a quotation or more detailed information. As the name co notate, we specialize in artist development, artist management, track remixing, live DJ entertainment, full fledge live band musical instruments / equipment rental, event promotions,  management &, such as wedding, receptions, company dinner, dances, reunion, picnic, holiday parties, fashion show, beauty contest, photography, videography and so on.

Our entertainment packages include but not limited to: 1. Use DVD format music video that are projected into a large screen (optional) 2. Use a headset wireless microphone 3. Correspond with a client via email/fax/telephone. 4. Use audio enhance compilation compact discs available only to professional DJS 5. Use a professional dual drawer compact disc player (CD MIXER) & Turn –Table 6. Use a hand –held wireless microphone. Full fledge live band equipment at the affordable rate-the best rate in the industry. Contact us today, for our 3-1 special (Live Band, DJ & Mc for your occasion)


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